Welcome To Your Brighter Home Rug Cleaning

Rugs can be a significant investment and we take great care to clean, restore and keep them looking beautiful at A Brighter Home – Rug Cleaning

We are a locally run specialist cleaning business providing quality service and value for money with over 20 year’s experience. Most of our business is for previously delighted clients and their friends and family. And because we provide several different cleaning services in your home, you only need to deal with one company.

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By cleaning & stain protecting your rugs regularly you not only keep them fresh & clean, they will have a longer lifespan too.  Our gentle process can clean most types of rugs including oriental rugs.


Using the most effective equipment available together with Eco friendly, Child & Pet safe solutions, our quick drying cleaning process will deep clean the rugs throughout your home.


We have a full range of products designed to help us to remove most stains. We can also stain protect your rugs against any future accidental spills, helping to reduce the risk of permanent staining in the future.

Our rug cleaning process:

  • Pre-clean inspection to identify any areas of concern or existing faults
  • Pre-test rug to ensure safe to clean
  • Vacuum rug both sides to remove loose debris
  • Pre-spray rug with cleaning solution and agitate with contra-rotating brushes to loosen and emulsify soiling
  • Deep clean using powerful high psi twin vac cleaning system to rinse and thoroughly remove soiling down to base of fibres
  • Buff to further remove soiling and help ensure fast drying time
  • Customer inspects and signs off job

“Fantastic job – looks like new!” – Mrs H, WD25

“My technician was very professional and did a great job!” – Mr V, SL9

“Despite being middle of October I found my carpets dried really quickly” – Mrs D, WD19

“I’ve used your service before and always been pleased. I thought your technician today was excellent – really good at his job and a nice man too!” – Mrs B, N7

Why Use Us?

  • Deep and thorough clean using the most high-tech equipment
  • Our products are all safe to use on wool carpets and rugs
  • Cleaner rugs for longer – no dirt attracting residues left behind
  • Removes most stubborn stains
  • Extends the life of your rugs
  • Stain protection treatment available
  • Baby & Pet safe eco friendly solutions
  • Option to bring your rugs to our in-house cleaning facility to save £’s
  • Great discounts for using more than one of our services – click here to see multi service packages